We hear a lot of information and advice this time of year about weight loss and eating right. One way to give yourself plenty of nutrients without a lot of fat or calories is to make a healthy smoothie or drink first thing in the morning. It’s easy, full of delicious whole organic fruits and vegetables, and a great way to start your day off right. The best part is that these drink recipes give you a morning boost of energy!

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink Recipe

Healthy and organic

A smoothie can start your day on a good note!

High in fiber, low-calorie, full of vitamins
SERVES 3 to 4

2 organic apples (cored, but leave the skin on them)
2 handfuls of organic spinach
1 medium organic cucumber
3 sticks of chopped organic celery
1/2 inch or teaspoon organic ginger root, peeled
1 bunch organic parsley
Juice of 1 organic lime
Juice of 1/2 organic lemon
Add to taste: 1 bunch organic mint, 3 organic carrots, 1/4 organic orange, 1/4 organic pineapple

Combine all ingredients in a blender. The recipe makes 28 to 30 ounces, which equals about three to four servings. If you need to, you can increase the amount of fruit you add until you reach your taste preference. Some suggestions include adding more apples, or including banana, fresh mango or cooked sweet potato.

Dr. Oz Blueberry Avocado Breakfast Smoothie

Makes 3 servings

1 cup frozen wild blueberries
1 ripe avocado (or ½ of one if you are watching fat)
5 oz low-fat plain yogurt
1/2 of a lime’s zest and juice
3 tbsp brown sugar (or 2Tbsp raw honey or 1 tsp. Stevia)
2 tbsp almond paste
5 oz plain low-fat or fat free yogurt
2 oz low-fat or fat free milk
1. Cut avocado into halves and remove pit. Spoon avocado meat from the skin and put it into a blender.
2. Purée yogurt, lime zest and juice and 2 tbsp of brown sugar. Pour into 3 glasses.
3. Purée almond paste, remaining sugar, yogurt and wild blueberries and blend until smooth.
4. Slowly add Wild Blueberry mixture to the glasses so the layers are distinct.

Recipes from: http://www.doctoroz.com