When creator and founder of Cherrybrook Kitchen, Patsy Rosenburg, discovered she had food allergies in 2000, the news sent her on an exploration into food creations and taste concoctions. At the time, food allergies were no more than cautionary labels on food products. Furthermore, the world of gluten-free or dairy-free products was virtually non-existent and just hovering on the fringes.

Like many successful inventions, a need was discovered and the invention became the solution to the need. Patsy Rosenburg espied a need for flavorful food products that could be safely consumed by all people. From Patsy’s discovery, emerged Cherrybrook Kitchen, a socially conscious, family run company that touts being, “The sweet solution to allergens”. After seven years of being a prominent allergen-free food producer, Cherrybrook Kitchen still considers the culinary interests of food allergy sufferers as well as creates products for those of us who are concerned about the food we consume.

Cherrybrook Kitchen proclaims that its products are produced using nut-free, dairy-free, or egg-free equipment. Furthermore, its Gluten Free Dreams’ products are stringently tested for traces of gluten. In an effort to maintain these lofty standards, Cherrybrook Kitchen is routinely reviewed by Orthodox Union Kosher, the world’s most respected kosher certifying organization. By upholding meticulous standards in ingredients and equipment use, Cherrybrook Kitchen continues to meet the Orothodox Union’s exemplary kosher requirements. Reportedly, a product that houses the Orthodox Union symbol carries the highest quality of food standards, ranking in the same league with USDA Organic certification.

With this information in my awareness, I briefly review Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Yellow Cake Mix. While the cake appears more beige in appearance than yellow, its flavor is anything but bland. Upon first exploring this product, I consider that it is unfair to compare this cake mix to the standard Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mixes, because its ingredients and chemistry are very different from standard box mixes.

The gluten-free yellow cake mix strikes me as synonymously dense in body to a pound cake.Vanilla aromas wrap around every room in the house while the cake bakes, creating the mouth-watering effect. Evaporated cane juice sweetens the gluten-free yellow cake. This natural sweetener is often considered to be a more wholesome, less processed sweetener than its white sugar counterpart. The cake’s crisp sweetness is further evocative of fruit juices and it pleasantly piques the taste buds. With a mealy consistency not uncommon for products infused with rice flour or potato flour, this cake may surprise a novice consumer of gluten-free products. Its consistency, however, is not a deterrent to me, especially after experiencing so many other sensory delights. Lastly, while the cake surface is sticky to the touch, it melds easily to a thin or whipped icing when adeptly applied.

I found that Cherrybrook Kitchen delivers the quality it professes. This gluten-free cake mix is sweet, supple, full-bodied, and carefully composed for flavor and health benefits.

*Original kosher image from PBS

*Original product image from Cherrybrook Kitchen site