As we approach the end of October, the nights are officially cold enough for a bonfire, or even an indoor wood stove fire in some parts, and thoughts of those under ten generally turn to Halloween. When you’re out in the chilly air for a hayride, trick-or-treating, or even a tailgate party, it helps to have a hot dish of tasty food in your hand. Here’s a couple old favorites with an organic twist.

Healthy “Frito” Pie

Lettuce, chopped
Corn chips (Trader Joe’s makes an Organic Corn Chip Dipper or use your favoBonfirerite organic corn tortilla)
Chili: See our Fall Chili Recipe from last week!
Vegan cheese
Tomatoes, diced
Avocado, chopped
Red onion, chopped
Organic or Vegan sour cream, or try non-fat plain Greek yogurt
Hot sauce

Organic Hot Chocolate

4-6 cups Organic Milk
4 T Raw Cacao
4 T Sucanat (or another natural sweetener)


Over medium heat, warm up about 4-6 cups of organic milk in a sauce pan until it starts to steam (do not boil). Reduce heat and add in about 4 heaping spoons of raw cacao (or 4 T). Wisk the raw cacao in the milk until it’s dissolved.

Add in about 4 tablespoons of sucanat. Stir until it’s dissolved and then pour into your mugs.

Campfire Apples



Place apple on stick and roast above fire. Cook it evenly once till the skin slacks and then allow apple to cool (After cooling skin comes off much easier.)
Once skin is off cook briefly and add cinnamon sugar and recook until glaze forms.
Eat off glaze and if you wish double dip in sugar and cinnamon mix.
Bake until glazed again. Continue until apple is gone.

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