Recycle! Compost!

Plant a Tree! Clean up Trash!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

These are the jingles that jangle each year on Earth Day ever since its nascence in 1970. As the creation of U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was profoundly affected by witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in California, Earth Day summons each person around the world to contribute toward our planet’s care.

If you presently subscribe to the organic lifestyle, chances are that you are already engaging in daily earth day practices and celebrations. By eating organic, you are supporting efforts and initiatives to conserve Earth’s resources while producing its bounty. Buying local foods and subscribing to CSAs additionally nurture the earth through simple habits. Refraining from consuming meat or from buying GMOs are further acts in favor of Earth and its creations. So if you are already engaging in the practices pontificated on Earth Day, how can this day become more meaningful for you? Simply by applying a little flavor and panache, Earth Day can take on a new resonance.

One suggestion to add flair to your Earth Day is to celebrate it like a birthday. As is customary for many birthday celebrations, events reach their zenith when the birthday cake appears. With organic food acumen, you can easily create a delectable earth-friendly cake by combining elemental organic ingredients such as organic flour from Arrowhead Mills or Bob’s Red Mills. Purchasing fresh eggs from local farms or from your own backyard can add another layer to the Earth Day birthday cake. You may even go one step further and purchase a solar powered oven in which you can bake your cake (*please allot enough time for solar energy to bake cake).

Perhaps you are interested in hosting a birthday party to which you invite your closest earth dwellers (a.k.a family and friends). Vegan dishes that require inconsequential (if any)
cooking practices can stuff the Earth-birth Day full of delicious merriment. Stories around campfires and yard games can raise the conviviality of the day. If the weather is unsavory for outdoor flare, the evening may culminate in nestling inside around a Netflix streaming movie postulating the rewards of Earth.

Then again, perhaps you are interested in a more intimate way to acknowledge the day. Historic romance novelist Maya Rodale suggests that Earth Day is an opportunity to rekindle romance through earth friendly practices. For example, candlelight dinners that create electricity between you and your beloved can reduce the environmental electrical output. By eating local cuisine, Ms. Rodale proffers that you are eating like dukes and duchesses of romantic lore.

On the other hand, Earth Day for you may conjure up opportunities for quiet and appreciative ruminating in which hiking, biking or birding are on the menu for the day. In whichever way you choose to commemorate Earth Day, be sure to take a moment to say “thank you” to this beautiful, bountiful place that nurtures and sustains all of us in immeasurable ways.




*earth apple image from Freaking News

*earth day globe image from hunger mountain coop

*candlelight image from Tibetan Association of Northern California

* birding image from birding on the net