Huna may appear as a term for an exotic fish or cultural cuisine that can be found exclusively in Hawaii. In actuality, huna is denoted as a modern label for the ancient psychological and spiritual healing practices of Hawaii’s kahunas or native priests. This distinctive Hawaiian word, essentially means “secret”. The term acquired its western meaning from the founder of Huna Research, Max Freedom Long, who became enthralled by the kahuna spiritual practices when he visited Hawaii in 1917. The kahuna’s kept the intimacies of their traditions secret from Long, so he sought spiritual wisdom within the context of the Hawaiian language.

Modern huna customs embody seven key principles. IKE is the first principle that proclaims the world to be what we think it is. KALA is the second principle that espouses that
there are no limits in the world or in our lives. MAKIA affirms that energy flows where attention goes. MANAWA rallies us to recognize that NOW is the moment of our power. ALOHA, which is the traditional Hawaiian greeting, also appertains to the notion that love means to be happy with someone or something. MANA elucidates that all power comes from within. PONO evokes right action and right behavior arising from truth. These seven principles, when practiced together, combine to form the harmonizing cocktail of huna.

Since huna resides in the spiritual realm, how is it connected to such temporal topics as food and bodily health? How does it relate to living an organic lifestyle? In taking a broader translation of huna, it can be viewed as a daily practice of choosing inner health, well being, and truth that leads to actions for verdure of the world around us. When we intentionally live an organic lifestyle, we are similarly choosing to care for our bodies and the world. Furthermore, when applying the huna perspective to food and eating habits, healing practitioners suggest that we each determine for ourselves the foods that make us feel physically vital, emotionally and mentally balanced, and spiritually harmonized. At the core of an organic lifestyle, many of us are choosing foods that nurture our physical health, balance our thoughts and feelings with a positive conscience, and harmonize our view of the world through the soulful care our organic actions may provide.

Organic living is the way we fuel our hunger to heal ourselves, our food sources, and our food systems. By deciding on what we want our lives and our world to be and acting from that truth, we follow the first principle, Ike. Now, let us take this hunger for huna and seek those other avenues through which we can practice this sacred Hawaiian healing practice.



*Huna image from SolarRaven

*Flower image from Soul Healing

*Food Yin/Yang image from Positive Health